Custom-Made Plantation Shutters For Every Window

Plantation shutters are excellent window treatments because they blend into any style and fit any window. Their thick louvers give windows a clean, contemporary feel, and can provide style and light control to any room. Each interior shutter is also custom-crafted to snugly fit every window dimension. Tilt the louvers up and down, and the plantation shutter can direct light and negate sun glare. They can be adjusted with a mounted tilt rod that sits in the center or behind the louvers. Whatever the specific needs of the room and window -- from distinctive window shapes and trim color to the need for frame customization -- there is a plantation shutter that complements any house.

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Common Shutter Questions

The large slats on the shutter panel are called louvers. Tilt them up or down to direct light. Keep them closed for privacy and maximum energy efficiency. The shutter panel can also swing open for an unfettered window.

The Polywood Shutter Company has a few different types of interior shutters to choose from. Polywood® shutters are made from faux wood and bring both durability and energy efficiency to the window. Ovation® shutters are made from hardwood and give off a more elegant look. And reclaimed wood shutters have a unique, sustainable style.

Polywood plantation shutters are one of the only shutters that are 100% constructed and put together in the U.S.

The Benefits Of Interior Shutters 

White polywood shutters in a kitchen

  • Plantation shutters have been known as the window treatment that best balances light, privacy, and temperature. They can be custom-crafted to the exact window dimension to fit perfectly without any gaping or loose-hanging fabric or cords.

  • Their louvers can direct light to avoid sun glare, while still letting in a view of the outside.

  • Interior shutters come in a variety of louver sizes. Large louvers mean fewer louvers covering the window and a nice, clean finish. Smaller louvers have a more traditional style. The connected tilt rod makes any size louver have easy control of temperature and light.

  • Plantation shutters become an enduring window treatment. They can be custom-crafted to fit any window.

  • Installed interior shutters on specialty-shaped windows, like arches and circles, can cover the whole window to the exact dimension. Interior shutters also work well for glass and sliding doors.

Polywood Plantation Shutters

White shutters in a living room
Composed of a solid-engineered wood substitute, Polywood® plantation shutters won’t split, chip, warp, or crack. These interior shutters come in three different shades of white that won’t yellow or fade. The paint finish is baked right into the faux wood and paired with UV stabilizers to make the product “sunlight resilient.”
Polywood shutters are also known as quality insulating shutters, increasing the energy efficiency in a home. Each Polywood shutter panel uses a thin layer of weather stripping to make sure the shutters snap together to prevent heat loss. The custom fit of Polywood shutters means that durability and efficiency can come to any window.

Ovation shutters in a white modern bedroom 

Ovation® hardwood shutters are crafted from solid teak and come in a selection of wood stains or paint. A five-star wood shutter, Ovation shutters are available in different louver sizes that showcase the durability of furniture-grade hardwood.
Hardwood shutters have a harder time matching into a decor, so the Ovation shutter can be customized in 28 beautiful wood stains and 11 different paints. Like all plantation shutters, Ovation shutters are custom-crafted to cover specialty windows and still work flawlessly.

Studio Shutters

Studio shutters are uniquely built to offer both the same looks of Polywood shutters at an unrivaled value, Studio shutters are made from durable Polywood material, but are sized for standard windows only and do not have the weather stripping benefits of a Polywood shutter.

Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Relaimed wood shutters in a living room 

Reclaimed wood shutters give rooms a contemporary and sustainable look. Every shutter louver has its own specific color and finish where no two shutter panels are the same. Reclaimed shutters can also be custom-made to fit every window type, size, and shape.
To see any interior shutter from the Polywood Shutter Company up close, contact the nearest retailer.