Shutters For Specialty Window Types

Some windows aren’t exact rectangles. When a window is shaped in an arch, circle, or other unconventional shapes, it’s difficult to find a window treatment that works. Only a custom-crafted covering, like a plantation shutter, will adequately cover all the glass.

Special Shapes

All Polywood® plantation shutters are completely American-built and assembled.

Polywood® shutters work beautifully on special-shaped windows including arched, circle, octagon, rake, French doors, sliding glass doors, sidelights, and bay windows 

The Polywood Shutter Company builds its plantation shutters to seamlessly fit specialty-shaped windows. For circular windows, shutters are crafted to the circumference of the opening. Shutters can also be fitted to the details on a triangular window’s angles. Louvers will align with window shape and dimensions, so the shutters can seal off light, temperature, and reduce sound.

Interior shutters work well on bay windows, sliding, and French doors. To compensate for latches, cranks, or door handles, the shutters can be designed with a special notch or rounded cut-outs. The window or door can be completely functional without losing the benefits of shutters.

The Polywood Shutter Company also makes shutters that just cover the lower half of a window. They’re known as café style shutters. This unique shutter type is popular when for indirect sunlight to light up the room and while still blocking direct sun glare and providing privacy.

For every irregularly shaped window, the only solution is a custom-shape shutter. They can seamlessly fit in the frame and add to the charming window shape. Contact your retailer to learn about the custom-shaped shutters available from the Polywood Shutter Company.