Custom Shutters for Arched Windows

Arched windows are beautiful, but they can be tricky to cover with ordinary window treatments. Fortunately, arched shutters are The Polywood Shutter Company’s most common specialty window treatment.. Whether it's called an arched window, radius window, semicircle window – the Polywood Shutter Company can custom craft the shutter to fit just right.

Arched Shutters Fit Any Arched Window Perfectly

White polywood arched shutters in a bedroomWhat makes plantation shutters a great choice for arched windows? Mostly because shutters can be built to fit the exact dimensions of the window.

Louvered Arches Vs. Sunburst Arches

For the arch part of the window, there are two styles of shutters: louvered arches and sunburst arches. The choice will affect how the louvers move.  With a louvered arch, every louver on the shutter panel will be controlled with the tilt rod.  With a Sunburst arch, each louver in the arch section will tilt independently from each other.  Also, the Sunburst arch is stationary, with only the bottom-half being able to swing open and closed on its hinge. 

Arched windows with polywood shutters

Keep The Unique Shape Of Arched Windows 

The chief benefit of interior shutters for arched windows is that they’re custom built to the exact dimensions and angles of the window. Shutters, unlike other window treatments, will keep the distinctive shape of the window and won't just hide it with an ill-fitting rectangular window treatment. Arched windows can make a statement, and shutters let them speak for themselves.

Arched windows with polywood shutters

Long-Lasting Beauty

High-quality shutters tend to last a lot longer than drapes or blinds. And their classic look and feel make them a versatile pick, as they can work in multiple decor styles. Polywood® plantation shutters are a great option for arched windows in places like the bathroom or kitchen. Polywood is completely moisture resistant, and won’t warp, crack, or yellow. They also come in three shades of white that will complement the room’s trim.


Custom Crafted Shutters Fit Any Arch

Much like any interior shutter made by the Polywood Shutter Company, arched shutters are custom crafted specifically to the window's exact dimensions. Arched shutters are available in faux-wood Polywood® and hardwood Ovation® products, with a choice of 2.5”, 3.5”, or 4.5” louvers. Both a center tilt rod and a rear-mounted tilt rod can be used to control the louvers. Louvers can be stacked to the top of the arch or the shutter can have a Sunburst design with movable louvers.


Common Questions about Shutters for Arched Windows

Shutters are custom-crafted to fit any window, including specialty windows. The Polywood Shutter Company hand-shapes each shutter uniquely, taking into account the exact curvature and dimensions of the window.

Arched shutters are available in a selection of mount options, and are able to fit any window style or existing trim.
The louvers on every shutter are adjustable. Unlike with normal louvers, there’s no tilt rod to operate the louvers on a Sunburst-style arch, but they can be adjusted individually by hand.

Want More Information About Arched Windows?

See your retailer for more information regarding arched window shutters from the Polywood Shutter Company. They can show you samples and answer your question about custom crafted Polywood and Ovation shutters.