Interior Shutters Can Be Custom Crafted To Rake Windows

Rake shutters can fit a triangle top window without any gaping or hiding the window’s shape. The adjustable shutter louvers go all the way up to the top of any angle, giving control over the amount of light that comes through the window.

Rake Triangle Shutters


Every rake shutter is custom-crafted to follow the angle of the specialty window and its triangular shape. The louvers are mounted horizontally that are adjustable with the tilt rod. A view of the outside is available when the louvers are open. Then, angle the louvers for light control and block sun glare. For energy efficiency and privacy, these louvers should be completely closed.

If multiple triangle windows are positioned together, each window will be fitted to allow the louvers to function smoothly while preserving the look of the complete rake unit.
Rake configurations are available in Polywood® and Ovation® wood shutters. Check with a retailer for more about The Polywood Shutter Company, our products, and warranty information.