Bypass & Bifold Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

Plantation shutters work well on sliding doors. Shutters can provide privacy, bring in natural light, won’t sway like vertical blinds or panel tracks, and are extremely durable. The Polywood Shutter Company offers two types of sliding door shutters: bypass and bifold. Each has its benefits, and the choice usually comes down to style.

Bypass Shutters Slide In Front Of A Sliding Glass Door

Sliding doors with white shutters 
Glass sliding door with polywood shutters

The more popular of the two sliding door shutter builds is bypass shutters. For bypass shutters, multiple shutter panels slide on a track mounted above a sliding glass door. The shutters are offset so one panel slides in front of the other for access to the door. Or if there’s some room next to your sliding door, the track can extend past the door frame to allow the shutter panel to completely slide away from the door.

Glass sliding door with polywood shutters

With a usual bypass sliding door shutter, there may be a panel over one pane of the sliding door all the time. Sliding glass door shutters in a bypass build are usually more durable than bifold shutters because there are fewer articulation points that can become damaged or break.


Cover Your Sliding Glass Door With Multi-paneled Bi-fold Shutters

As the name implies, a bifold configuration for sliding door shutters allows the shutters to fold. Instead of two large, solid shutter panels that slide back and forth on a rail, sliding door shutters in a bifold build are separated into smaller panels that fold into each other. The panels off to the side of the door allow for the sliding door to be opened and closed.

Close up of white polywood shutters

How Are Sliding Shutters Built?

A measurement of the exact length and width of each segment of the glass door is taken as well as taking into account the space there is next to the doors. This process is the same for both bypass or bifold shutters. Then, the Polywood Shutter Company will hand fashion each panel to fit the doors and configuration. Paint and finishes are added so that each panel will blend into the homeowner’s decor.


How To Order Sliding Door Shutters

Talk with a dealer to get more information on sliding door shutters from the Polywood Shutter Company. They can show you samples and walk you through the difference between bifold and bypass shutters.


Sliding Door Shutter FAQs 

Sliding doors still retain their functionality and a full range of motion because the interior shutters will be custom-crafted to seamlessly fit.
With new configurations in sliding door shutters and frames, shutters can be custom crafted to fit any sliding glass door, regardless of how much space there is above or around it.